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Vitamin C for Weight Loss

Healthy eating is the key to successful weight loss. In addition to quality foods, vitamin C supplements can provide extra support in your weight loss plan. There are other sources of vitamin C besides supplements, such as fruits and vegetables. Some studies have shown that higher levels of vitamin C help lower body-mass indexes, as ascorbic acid vitamin C increases fat oxidation in moderate exercise. It’s important not to exceed the daily allowance of ascorbic acid vitamin C, as too much can cause nausea and stomach aches.

Weight Loss Program Involves Vitamin C

With a low-calorie diet, ascorbic acid vitamin C does not necessarily help weight loss but lowers body fat. A diet that involves even moderate exercise can help with the fat oxidation process. In addition to ascorbic acid, eating food rich in vitamin C will also benefit your overall weight loss plan.

Ascorbic Acid for Overall Health, Weight Loss

How vitamin C assists with fat oxidation come down to a science. Vitamin C assists with the metabolism of fat by bolstering the synthesis of carnitine, a molecule that aids in fat oxidation. Increasing carnitine concentrations will allow one’s body to better use fat molecules for energy, reducing fatigue while simultaneously burning fat, leaving an individual with more power to further their weight loss endeavors.