Weight Loss MD Colorado Springs

Phendimetrazine may be prescribed to patients in conjunction with Phentermine as an additional appetite suppressant to assist in helping to achieve weight loss goals.

Phendimetrazine is an FDA-approved medication that is taken as prescribed by your doctor. It is designed to work with your body and brain in a certain way to help quickly decrease nightly cravings. Its rapid release capabilities can help nip those cravings in the bud fast and effectively! It is recommended as an additional medication taken in conjunction with Phentermine or can be taken as a stand-alone appetite suppressant, as prescribed by your doctor. If used correctly with a healthy diet, exercise and behavior therapy can help you achieve your ideal body and weight.

If you take Phendimetrazine, there is no guarantee that you will shed the pounds. It would help if you changed your lifestyle and dietary habits to see the best results.

Please remember that not everyone is qualified to use medically prescribed appetite suppressants. We follow strict protocols to ensure the safety of our patients. If you do not qualify, please do not be discouraged! We have many other options to help you achieve your goals.